Mimili Maku, Tjala Arts, Kaltjiti Arts & Umoona Community Art Centre

Mimili Maku Arts

Mimili Maku Arts is a vibrant contemporary art studio owned and governed by a strong board of Anangu directors. The art centre supports artists across different disciplines such as painting, new media, sculpture and publishing.

Mimili Maku Arts is a place for intergenerational exchange and learning, where Anangu knowledge is celebrated, maintained and lived daily. Being a sustainable business for future generations of Anangu living in community, we are not only a space for artistic excellence but also a tool to support real social change and political advocacy. Mimili Maku Arts Is supported to attend DAAF by the APY Art Centre Collective.

Tjala Arts

Tjala Arts is located in Amata community, in far north-west South Australia on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands. An Aboriginal owned and managed corporation, Tjala Arts boasts an exciting exhibition program supporting established, mid-career and emerging artists.

Kaltjiti Arts and Crafts

Kaltjiti Arts and Crafts is a community based, Aboriginal art centre in the remote community of Fregon in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands of South Australia.  The heart of the small community is the art centre which is a place of inspiration, dynamism and a cultural focal point.

Through their artworks, elders and senior artists teach younger generations about important cultural traditions and stories, passing on knowledge that has come to them from their ancestors

Tjala Arts is a professional art making studio where culture is celebrated and maintained by Anangu across three generations. It is a place that honours cultural practice and promotes and supports the highest level of ethical practice in the production and sale of Indigenous art. As an Anangu owned and governed business, Tjala Arts lies at the heart of Amata community and has created widespread financial gain for families in the community and across surrounding homelands.

Umoona Community Art Centre

Umoona Community Art Centre is an Indigenous-owned and governed organisation, located in Umoona community, Coober Pedy, in the north of South Australia. Established in 2020, Umoona Arts joins neighbouring art centres on the APY Lands with the central aim of building capacity for sustainable employment pathways through the art centre. Since its formation, artists have worked tirelessly and with a collective passion and focus to make their dream of owning and operating a permanent art centre a reality.


These Art Centres are supported to attend DAAF by the APY Art Centre Collective.

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