Moa Arts

73 Ikilgau Yabu, Kubin Village, QLD, 4875

Moa Arts preserves the arts, culture and heritage of Mua Island in the Torres Strait by facilitating the production of high-quality traditional and contemporary art. The people of Mua Island are a seafarers with deep connections to sea, land and sky, and their artists draw inspiration from ancestral stories, animal totems and spirit beings.

We are in Darwin only for DAAF 2023. We are not selling artwork online this year. Thank you!

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Shipping policy


Refund policy

If you’re looking for a refund of your order, for whatever reason, we’re here to help!

We offer free returns or exchanges within 30 days of receiving your order. You can return the product to us for an exchange with an equivalent product, or we can refund your payment into the original account used to make the purchase.

Return policy

Returned items must have all original documentation and be returned in the original packaging Returned items must be in their original condition and have no visible signs of wear, use or damage. If you suspect the work has been damaged in transit, that’s different! Send us photos of the damaged packaging prior to opening and again after opening. We will then organise a replacement directly with you. Note that all works sent from Moa Arts are packaged safely and carefully – no work has ever been damaged in transit before.

To initiate a return or exchange please complete the following steps:

  • Send us an email with purchase details and the reason for return or exchange, along with photos of evidence of damage in transit (if applicable).
  • Send the item back to us along with an invoice to cover your shipping cost the returns.