Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre

Lot 85 Gibb River Road, Derby, WA, 6728

Mowanjum Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre is a creative hub for the Woddordda, Ngarinyin and Wunumbal tribes, who make up the Mowanjum community near Derby, Western Australia.

These three language groups are united by their belief in the Wandjina as a sacred spiritual force and the creators of the land. They are the custodians of Wandjina law and iconography. The word Mowanjum means settled at last, a reference to the enforced displacement policies of past governments. The artists depict the sacred Wandjina spirits, Unguds totem animals and Gyorn Gyorn expressed in traditional and contemporary practices of painting, printmaking, carving and photography. The Art Centre is an indigenous owned and governed not-for-profit organisation and aims to sustain cultural traditions as well as support a range of professional development opportunities for its artists and workers

The centre hosts exhibitions and workshops, incorporates a gallery, museum, and the Dolord Mindi community collection and media space. Every Year the centre holds the annual Mowanjum Festival, one of Australia’s longest running Indigenous cultural festivals, sharing and celebrating Junba .



We are in Darwin only for DAAF 2023. We are not selling artwork online this year. Thank you!

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