Yinjaa-Barni Art

Lot 3 Roe Street, Roebourne, WA, 6718

In the Yindjibarndi language, Yinjaa-Barni means staying together. Yinjaa-Barni Art is an Art Centre for Indigenous artists in Roebourne, Western Australia. Most of the artists originate from the Millstream Tableland. Its community of artists include up to three generations of women (and sometimes some boys), and they work collaboratively in an open studio with wide verandas. In recent years, the artists have won  multiple, major art awards and have distinctive and widely recognisable styles.

Our Artists


Shipping policy

Artworks will be shipped within 5 days of sale. Please allow up to 10 additional business days for your purchase to arrive.

Refund policy

We do not accept returns unless we have agreed in correspondence that you may return them. If you wish to return good you must email email to manager@yinjaa-barni.com.au, specifying full details of the reason for return.

If we agree that you may return any goods, we will then issue a returns note and, if you still wish to return the goods, you must return them :(a) with both Goods and all packaging as far as possible in their original condition;(b) securely wrapped;(c) including our original delivery slip and the returns note; (d) at your risk and cost.

Return policy

We do not accept returns if you simply change your mind. We make every effort to ensure photography of Goods for sale on our website accurately represent the colours used by the Artist/s in the production of artwork. Different lighting conditions indoors, outside, and on digital devices may impact how colour is perceived. We do not accept returns on the grounds that the colours differ from what is represented on our website.
Some Goods are created with natural materials such as pigment, ochre, and fibre and may naturally change or deteriorate over time.  You acknowledge that these are inherent qualities of the Goods and not defects. Imperfections or marks on the rear of an artwork or canvas are characteristic of the process of creation by our Artists outside or on the ground or on country and you acknowledge that these are not defects.
We will only repair or replace Goods which fail to comply with the provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)or which we agree are defective. If you believe that any Goods you have purchased from us are defective, you must:(a) report the defect to us in writing within 5 business days of the defect becoming apparent; and(b) provide photographic evidence of the defect; and(c) if we request you to do so, return the Goods to us, securely wrapped in the original packaging.
If we agree that the Goods are defective, we will refund the cost of return carriage and will either, at our election:(a) repair the Goods and return them to you at our cost; or(b) provide you with replacement Goods based on similar aesthetics and dimensions by the same Artist if, in our view, an appropriate alternative is available; or(c) refund the amount paid for the Goods to you.

We will not offer an exact reproduction or recreation of an artwork by the Artist under any circumstance.
Other than as set out in this clause, we have no responsibility or liability to you under this agreement or under statute or common law, in respect of defective Goods.